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General Information


A morning assembly is held every Monday and Tuesday at 9:00am in Area A (outside the office). Brief information and announcements are provided at these assemblies. More formal assemblies are held in the school hall every second Thursday afternoon. During these assemblies, students receive awards. Assembly dates are advertised in the newsletter. Parents and community members are welcome to attend. 


Students are required by law to attend school regularly. It is expected that all students arrive before 9:00am ready for class, as valuable learning time is missed if they are late.

Absences - When your child is absent from school because of illness, holidays or family reasons, an explanation must be provided, in writing to the class teacher. It is not acceptable for parents to keep their child away from school for activities such as birthdays or shopping. Please telephone the school office if an absence is likely to exceed three days.

Late Arrivals - Students arriving late to school must report to the school office with their parent / career for a "late arrival" slip. When generated, it is to be handed to the class teacher upon entering the classroom. The student's arrival time is noted, and a partial absence recorded for the day.

Early Departures - On occasion, it may be necessary for students to leave school early from school. Parents / Carers wishing to collect students before 3:00pm must report to the school office and obtain an "early departure" slip. This notification slip must be presented to the class teacher before the student leaves the school. No child is permitted to leave the school without this slip. The time of departure is noted and partial absence is recorded for the day.

Please note that students are only permitted to leave the school early in the presence of their parent/carer or nominated emergency contact. If anyone else is to pick up the student from school, they must be over 18 years of age and written advice, or a phone call must be received from the parent/carer.

Best Start

The Best Start Kindergarten Assessment identifies student's literacy and numeracy skills on entry to kindergarten. The assessment is conducted in line with existing school practices and builds upon teaching and learning programs that support students in their transition to school. At our school, the assessment is done by appointment, in the first few days of the school year.

Borrowing Books

We encourage students to develop a love of books and reading and be regular borrowers. The Tech Deck has a large variety of fiction and non-fiction books which students are welcome to borrow when they visit the Tech Deck each fortnight.

You can help by:

  • ensuring your child has a library bag to protect books. These can be purchased from the Uniform Shop.
  • reminding your child to return their books each fortnight; and
  • making sure books are kept in a safe place at home.

Book Club

Scholastic Australia Book Club forms are sent home twice a term giving parents the opportunity to order from a selection of reasonably priced books for their children. All orders and payments are done online.


The school has a fully equipped canteen operating under the mandatory "Healthy Schools Canteen" guidelines. The canteen operates Monday to Friday between 8:30am and 2:00pm. Up to date price lists are sent home on a regular basis and published on the school website. Orders must be placed at the canteen before school. Lunches are picked up by class monitors and delivered to the classroom.

Change of Address or Contact Numbers

Parents provide contact details during the enrolment process. This enables the school to contact the parents or emergency contact person in case of sickness or accident. Please keep the school updated of any changes in address (proof of new address is required), telephone or emergency contact numbers.

Class Organisation

Classes from Kindergarten to Year 6 are organised on a parallel basis. This means that within each year, each of the classes has an even distribution of students of all abilities. Students are placed in their classes on the first day of the new school year.

Custody of Children

The Principal and class teacher must be informed of any special circumstances that may affect a student. If custody and access has been determined by court orders, and if there are any special provisions, then a copy of the court order must be made available to the Principal at the time of enrolment or as soon as possible after a determination has been made. This information is required in the best interest of your child, and it is very important that the school be notified if there is any change to this order. This confidential information is respected by the school.


ClassDojo is a classroom communication app used to share information between teachers and parents. It allows teachers to report on, and parents to see the learning that is occurring in the classroom. Parents can see photos and videos from within the classroom, as well as get reminders about school events. ClassDojo is set up at the beginning of each school year and parents use their unique password when using the app.

Community Language

A Community Language teacher (Arabic) works in classrooms to support students.

English as an Additional Language or Dialect Teacher (EAL/D)

The EAL/D teacher works with students from language backgrounds other than English, requiring assistance in spoken and written language. Students may be withdrawn from class for specialised work and/or they may remain in the classroom, where the EAL/D and class teacher work together.

Enrolment in Kindergarten

Students may enrol in kindergarten at the beginning of the school year if they turn five years of age on or before 31 July in that year. Documentation providing proof of age, such as a birth certificate or passport, is required on enrolment. In all cases, a parent must submit the "Application to Enrol in a NSW Government School" form. Parents may seek this form at any time during the year.

The Public Health (Amendment) Act 1992 requires parents to provide documented evidence of their child's immunisation status on enrolment in schools. Parents have the right of not having their children immunised. However, in the event of an outbreak of a vaccine preventable disease, unimmunised students will be required to remain at home for the duration of the outbreak.

Students transferring from other government schools can enrol at any time provided they reside within the local school area. Out of area enrolments are considered on a priority basis upon application.

Excursions / Incursions

All Stages participate in excursions and visiting performances (incursions) throughout the year to enrich student learning experiences. All students are encouraged to participate in these arranged activities, as they are an integral part of the educational program at Bass Hill.

Excursion costs and frequency are closely monitored during the year. Written parental permission is required for all excursions and a comprehensive risk assessment is completed by staff prior to each activity. It is very important that the "final date for payment" is respected and adhered to, to avoid disappointment and administrative problems.


Bass Hill Public School has its own Facebook page. We use our page to;

  • celebrate the successes of our students.
  • show our community the wonderful things our students participate in and learn about; and
  • publish student photos (where parents have granted us permission to do so. If you have a query about your child's Permission to Publish, please contact our front office.

Financial Support

Financial support is available to parents / carers experiencing difficulties meeting the cost of school related activities for their children e.g. uniforms, excursions, incursions, books etc. Parents/carers are encouraged to contact the Principal as the need arises and can be assured that the matter will be treated as strictly confidential.


Homework will vary from class to class with the amount generally increasing as students move closer to secondary school. Written homework is aimed at reinforcing topics covered in class. There is an expectation that all students read at home. Homework should never become a source of frustration or stress for students or parents/carers. If your child has difficulty or you are unsure of the best way to help, please contact the classroom teacher.

Illness and Injury

When a student becomes ill at school they will be sent to the office where the School Administration Staff (SAS) will monitor the student's condition and determine whether there is a need to contact the parents. If your child has a serious accident at school, we will endeavour to contact you immediately. If necessary, an ambulance will be called to ensure your child receives the best necessary care.

Infection Diseases

During their time at school, students may come into contact with early childhood diseases and at Bass Hill, we follow Department of Health guidelines. The school will notify all parents/carers if there is an outbreak of a disease, and we ask, that if your child contracts any infectious diseases, you notify the school as soon as possible. As well, there is the possibility of your child having head lice or nits (pediculosis). If this occurs, do not be upset or embarrassed as it is something that happens to many children during their life. 

For further information please call your local Public Health Unit on 1300 066 055 or visit the New South Wales website


Students should not wear rings, chains or other jewellery (except a watch) to school. Students with pierced ears should only wear sleeper or stud style earrings.

Koori Club

Our Koori Club consists of our Aboriginal students and their parents. They meet twice a term with Aunty Lynne to learn about Aboriginal culture. Each year, as part of NAIDOC celebrations, they organise activities for all students.

Learning and Support Teacher (LaST)

The LaST works with students who have additional learning and support needs in collaboration with the class teacher. Students may be withdrawn from class for specialised work and/or they may work in the classroom, where the LaST and class teacher work in a team-teaching situation.

Learning Support Team (LST)

The LST meet regularly to discuss the needs of individual students who are referred by teachers and stage supervisors. The LST is comprised of teachers including the Principal and School Counsellor.

Lost Property

A lost property bin is located outside the Administration Block. It is regularly emptied and any items which are labelled are promptly returned. Items which are not labelled, and not collected by the end of each term may be sent to Stewart House, a clothing charity. Please label all your child's belongings with their name especially hats, jumpers, jackets, tracksuit pants, wet weather gear, bags, lunchboxes and drink bottles.

Medication at School

Parents of students who need to take prescription medicine must speak to the Principal so that a Health Care Plan can be developed. This plan will include written advice from the doctor and a signed letter of indemnity from the parent. All medication will need to be provided in its original container. Any changes to the information provided need to be advised immediately so that a new plan can be developed. Parents of asthmatic or anaphylactic students will also need to provide an up-to-date Health Care Plan as supplied by their doctor. Parents of anaphylactic students should also provide a current epi-pen to be stored at school.

Unprescribed medication will not be administered by staff unless it is part of a Health Care Plan.

All medication (except for asthma) is kept at the office as students are not permitted to keep medication of any description on their person or in their bags. Students who suffer from asthma can keep their puffer with them or in their school bag but should leave a spacer in the office. The school has several asthma spacers for use in emergencies. If students are administered Ventolin at school it will be through a spacer and in accordance with their Health Care Plan.

All staff have up-to-date qualifications in CPR, emergency care and anaphylaxis response.

Mobile Phones

The school discourages students from bringing mobile phones to school. If they must, then the phone needs to be handed in at the school office each morning and collected at the end of the day. The school accepts no responsibility for the security of the phone if it is not in the office.

National Testing

The National Assessment Program Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) tests are conducted online during May in the following areas: Reading, Language Conventions, Writing and Numeracy. Individual results are sent to parents in Term 3.


The school newsletter is published every fortnight during the term. It contains news and information about the school and its activities and is a useful means of communication for parents and caregivers. The newsletter is sent home by email and is also available on our website and via the Sentral app.

P&C Association

The Bass Hill Public School Parents and Citizens Association is an important part of the school. Meetings are held on the first Thursday of each month, commencing at 7:00pm in the staffroom. Parents are notified through the newsletter and Sentral app and are most welcome to attend. These meetings are an opportunity to meet other parents, ask questions and have input into projects which are priorities for the school. Membership is $1.00 and will allow you voting rights.


Parents are asked to be aware of, and to adhere to the restricted parking zones and speed limits around the school. Parents should note the area directly outside of the main pedestrian gate is a "Kiss and Drop Zone" from 8:30am to 9:30am, and 2:30pm to 3:30pm.


The following forms of payment are accepted for school expenses:

Cash/cheque - the correct amount must be placed in a sealed envelope, clearly labelled with the child's name and class, the amount enclosed and the purpose.

Eftpos - can be accessed at the front office.

Online - payments using either a Visa or Mastercard credit or debit card can be used via a secure payment page. The portal can be found on the home page of the school website.

Permission to Publish

At Bass Hill Public School, we endeavour to promote to a wider audience the positive and interactive learning environment of our school and its community. To be able to do this, we publish a variety of student work samples and other promotional materials including photographs of students on the school website and other media outlets such as the local newspapers. Permission is obtained upon enrolment and remains effective until notification is received from the parent.


Class groups, special groups and individual photographs are taken annually by professional photographers, usually in Term 1.

Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL)

Bass Hill Public School implements a Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL) approach to student welfare. PBL is a school-wide initiative that encourages positive behaviour from students, improving their self-esteem and motivation to learn.

We have four school expectations: Be a Learner, Act Responsibly, Show Respect and Stay Safe.

All students K-6 are explicitly taught how to demonstrate these expectations in all school settings. Signage detailing the expectations can be seen all around the school and teachers consistently use the language of PBL when discussing behaviour with students.

Positive Behaviour for Learning Reward Systems

At Bass Hill, we regularly acknowledge and reward students for demonstrating our school expectations.

Students are rewarded with;

  • class dojo points
  • playground tokens
  • rewards from the class teacher's prize box
  • merit certificates
  • PBL certificates
  • sport awards
  • Assistant Principal awards
  • an invitation to the Principal's Afternoon Tea
  • level certificates - First Mate, Crew Master, Lieutenant, and Admiral
  • attendance awards


Bass Hill Public School operates a preschool within the school grounds for children in the year prior to entering school. Two groups are enrolled, each one attending for five days each fortnight. The preschool is open from 9:00am to 3:00pm. Applications to Enrol can be obtained from the office.

Reporting to Parents

At Bass Hill we aim to ensure that there is frequent and open communication with parents/carers regarding their child's progress at school. Early in Term 1, parents are invited to a Meet the Teacher BBQ. At this informal meeting, parents have the opportunity to introduce themselves to the class teacher. Your attendance is strongly encouraged and highly valued.

Ongoing assessment forms the basis of our student reports, which are sent home at the end of each semester, in June and December. Parent / Teacher interviews are held in Semester 1. Interpreters are available upon request. Positive Behaviour for Learning reports are sent home at the end of Terms 1 and 3.

If you would like information regarding your child's progress at any time, please contact the class teacher.

Safety in and around the school

This is an area of utmost importance and concern to us. The following needs to be observed:

  • all visitors and volunteers must come to the school office and sign in before proceeding.
  • 40km speed zones and parking restrictions around the school.
  • the pedestrian crossings on Horton and Clarke Streets should be used by students needing to cross the road.
  • schools are alcohol free zones during school hours and when students are present.
  • any issue between students' needs to be dealt with by the class teacher in the first instance. Parents must not approach another student on the school grounds or while they are travelling to and from school.

School Administration and Support Staff (SASS)

The friendly and obliging SAS staff in the school office are available to help with any enquiries you may have concerning enrolments, transfers and any other administration or general concerns. Please contact Mrs Cuddy, Mrs Raco or Mrs Ugur between 8:30am and 3:15pm.

School Counsellor

The school Counsellor attends Bass Hill every Monday and Wednesday. The counsellor works with teachers, students and parents in an effort to maximise the learning of individual students. Teachers refer students through the school's Learning and Support Team, of which the chool Counsellor is a member. Permission is sought from parents before the counsellor undertakes any form of assessment or intervention. Parents may also request an interview or a counsellor referral form for their child if they are concerned about issues at home or school, that impact learning.

School Development Days

The Department of Education allows for each school to participate in five School Development Days each year. These days are held on the first day of Terms 1, 2 and 3 and the last two days of Term 4. Students are not required to attend on these days.

School Swimming and Water Safety Program

The school offers a swimming scheme for all students from Years 2-6 each year. This two week, elementary learn to swim program is designed for students who have not reached a satisfactory standard of water safety. Swimming instructors are employed by the Department of Education for the program.

School Uniform

The Department of Education, the Parents & Citizens Association and the staff at Bass Hill Public School strongly encourage the wearing of the school uniform. If there are circumstances that prevent a student from wearing their uniform on a particular day, parents are asked to contact the class teacher. Please see our School Uniform page for examples of our summer, winter, and sports uniforms.

School uniforms, both new and pre-owned may be purchased from the school. The uniform shop is open on Thursday mornings from 8:30am to 9:15am.


Unauthorised people are not permitted on the school grounds. The pedestrian gate closest to the office, as well as the one at the top of Clarke Street are open from 8:30am to 9:30am and then from 2:30pm to 3:30pm. During the school day, all the gates remain locked. Visitors to the school need to be buzzed in by our office staff through the pedestrian gate on Horton Street. All visitors must then report directly to the office to sign in and obtain a visitor's pass for identification.

All parents and community members are asked to protect our school by reporting suspicious, unauthorised activities to Bass Hill Police (02) 9645 9999 or School Security 1300 880 021.

Sick Bay - Illness or Accidents

Students who become ill or have an accident during the day are sent by the supervising teacher to the sick bay. If the first aid officer feels it is necessary, parents/carers will be contacted.

Smoking Policy

All NSW Department of Education buildings, ground and enclosed areas are NON-SMOKING AREAS.

Special Events

The school highlights special events each year and encourages all students to be involved. These may include  ANZAC Day, Book Education Week, Sporting Carnivals, Presentation Day, Harmony Day, and Remembrance Day.

These events are celebrated by involving students, parents, and the community. Advance notice is given in the school newsletter.

Special Religious Education (SRE)

SRE teachers attend the school each Tuesday to conduct Scripture lessons. Students are placed in religious groups using the information provided by parents upon enrolment. Written notification is required if circumstances have changed. Anglican, Catholic, Orthodox, Islamic Council and Islamic Charities classes are offered. Primary Ethics is also offered to students in Stage 2. Students not attending SRE or Ethics classes are supervised by teachers.


K-2 students participate in a regular physical education program which aims to promote skills, fitness, enjoyment, and participation. Activities include aerobic exercise, games, fun runs and sporting skills and games.

Students in Years 3-6 are involved in more organised sporting activities, which include the development of game skills, fitness, school, and inter-school sport (PSSA).

Annual carnivals for students 8 years and older are held in swimming and cross country. All studentsP-6 attend the athletics carnival.

Every student and teacher belong to one of our four sport houses, each led by house captains. Siblings are placed in the same house.

Our sport houses are Blaxland (red), Lawson (blue), Macquarie (green) and Wentworth (yellow).

Student Leadership

In Term 4 students and teachers elect School Captains, Vice-Captains, and Prefects for the following school year. Each sporting house elects Captains and Vice-Captains. All Stage 3 students are considered to be school leaders. Leadership development opportunities are a strong focus in the school.

Student Representative Council (SRC)

The Student Representative Council ensures our students have a voice. It is made up of the school leadership team and two elected representatives from each class, Stage 1 to Stage 3. The SRC meet regularly to discuss student issues and organise fundraisers for a variety of charities.

Student Requirements

A list of stationery requirements for students in Stage 1 to Stage 3 will be sent home in the first few weeks of school. Although classrooms have some supplies, students are expected to have their own. Exercise books for the classroom are supplied, as well as a plastic folder for home readers. Students are expected to supply their own homework book and library bag. From time to time, teachers may require some additional materials to be brought in.

Tech Deck

Bass Hill is committed to ensuring technology is an integral part of our student's learning. Our Tech Deck is the technology hub of our school and is operated by our Future Focused Learning Coordinator. All students have the opportunity to engage in regular information technology lessons to improve their knowledge and skills.


Every classroom has an interactive whiteboard, as well as access to iPads and laptops to enhance learning. Wireless internet is provided throughout the school for these devices.

Voluntary School Contributions

A voluntary school contribution is requested at the beginning of each year. These funds help to meet some of the costs of resources used by students each year. Whilst these contributions are minimal, they are certainly beneficial to the school. A receipt is issued for all payments.

Wet Weather

On wet mornings, before school, students wait on the veranda outside the office. If the rain is very heavy, students will be directed to their classrooms.

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